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Pick up lines for guys : how to begin

pick up lines for guys
Ok, let's start with some pick up lines for guys !! Summer is coming, and the tip I wanna suggest you is about beaches.
This pick up lines for guys can be also used by girls. Let me explain it: you're on the beach, take a look around for some pretty girls in the sea.
Say to some friends of you that you wanna play in the sea (if they don't want, just grab them :D )and start playing with a ball near the girls.
Now the pick up lines for guys can start: after a few minutes grab the ball and shoot it very near the girls. Ask them to give it back and... To play with you!
In summer, on the sea, the girls like a lot to meet new boys, and you have just to give them the casual reason for the approach.
This pick up lines for guys is simple and looks very natural.
Just keep yourself in a good mood, be funny and surround yourself with funny friends.
And go to the beach everyday!!
Good luck for summer, and good look with our pick up lines for guys !!
pick up lines